Enhanced Thermal Analysis (incl LIT)

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from Christian Schmidt - Fraunhofer Institute for Material Mechanics of Materials - 2009

Full title: Defect localization on IC level and at fully packaged devices using Lock-in Thermography

ISTFA 2011

"Scan Chain debug using Dynamic Lock-In Thermography" from L. Forli, B. Picart (Lfoundry), A. Reverdy (Sector Technologies), R. Schlangen (DCG Systems)

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IPFA 2010 (Singapore)

Non-destructive defect depth determination at fully packaged and stacked die devices using Lock-in Thermography,” Schmidt, et al. (with Fraunhofer Institute)

ESREF 2010

Dynamic Lock-In Thermography for Operation Mode Dependent Thermally Active Fault Localization,” (Fraunhofer Institute, Spansion, DCG)

R. Schlangen, H. Deslandes, T. Lundquist, C. Schmidt, F. Altmann, K. Yu, A. Andreasyan, S. Li

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