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Tyler Pendleton - RFMD - Luke Hunter, S H Lau - Xradia Inc - ISTFA 2008

Non invasive FA technique for RF modules and its passive components using a high resolution and high contrast X-ray micro computed tomography system. 3D x-rays dramatically improve FA engineers’ chances of identifying defects over conventional 2D x-rays, and avoid the need for physical and tedious cross sectioning of these devices.

S H Lau, Andrei Tkachuk, Michael Feser, Hongtao Cui, Fred Duewer, Wenbing Yun - Xradia

David Vallet - IBM Systems & Technology Group

X-ray nanotomography offers a new approach in non destructive characterization of defects in failure analysis, R&D, competitive analysis and patent enforcement. It demonstrated sub-50nm resolution tomographic 3D imaging for fault localization in multi-level Cu interconnect structures with a hard x-ray nanotomography system based

Mario Pacheco and Deepak Goyal - Intel- ISTFA 2008

This paper has demonstrated the successful development of new applications in x-ray CT for the non-destructive isolation of defects in next generation package technologies.
Bump cracking, “invisible” non-wetting analysis, BGA fatigue and cracking, wirebond microcracking and shorting, BGA voiding, are some of the critical applications in which the capability of x-ray CT been demonstrated.
Further development in x-ray CT technology roadmap should include improving spatial resolution to sub-micron level, reducing time-to-data to levels of 10 minutes of data acquisition, improving reconstruction algorithm to reduce data processing time, increasing usability and customizing software for data inspection automation.

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