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High end solutions for R&D laboratories: flexible and innovative techniques


Technologies involved in semiconductor labs are also applicable to other general purposes in research lab, providing High end solutions but requiring to be customizable to specific needs.

  • Sector Technologies enable access to advanced techniques, being used in nano devices for the most challenging electrical characterization, : from 28nm VLSI  to MEMS and 3D package…
  • Sector Technologies supports customized solution dedicated for research lab. We are participating to multiple publications,  and helps for the development of  innovative solutions for different characterizations needs.

Your lab, our solutions

Other Specific applications

There are many other specific applications that we are serving, for instance:

  • Security systems
  • Reliability characterization
  • Reverse engineering

Contact us to understand how we can support your specific needs

Providing Solutions

High Endoptic Optical solutions

  • Seiwa Optical portfolio provides the highest quality of optical components and imaging solutions. As reference, the IR lenses allow up to 80% transmission, with Si correction, for best yield of your toughest optical analysis (emission microscopy, laser fault injection, etc…)


Physical Analysis

IR spectroscopy

  • High Resolution Xray 3D CT – using innovative solution for highest quality imaging, beyond barriers of standard ‘projection’ Xray imaging techniques, giving access to a range of resolution down to 50nm
  • IR spectroscopy – allowing thickness/ profile control through silicon & glass, enabling multilayer analysis. As opposed to white/ green light spectroscopy, VarioMetric technique provides a stable broadrange solution instead of limited technique.


Thermal Characterization


  • Thermal mapping solution & resistive hot spot localization using innovative and flexible solution. Our thermal camera is a great example of multi-application solution, localizing resistive pattern lower than 400nW and providing unique through package fault detection as well as thermal characterization.
    • For most advanced thermal characterization - check our ELITE product
    • For standard IR imaging solution - contact us regarding our Seiwa Optical imaging solutions


Nano Probing/ Manipulator


  • Your sample needs accurate manipulation or probing, have your tips at the end of the highest efficient solution for micro/ nanomanipulation. As, It enables probing solution for advanced VLSI and memory down to 22nm, with strong contact & high quality probing, up to 8 tips.
    • For specific requirement, consult our solutions or contact us.


If our offer seems not to completely fit the solutions required for your research lab, don’t hesitate contacting us, we are focused to support the most effective solution to your need.

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