Improving your optical system


High performance leads to extended capability







Extending performance of your current optical solution

optic applicationThere are many way in which optical characterization is being performed. Any system however is facing limits as soon as miniaturization, new quality standard are involved.




In laboratory, common optical characterization solutions are:

  • Standard Microscope for visual inspection (UV, Vis, IR/ BF- DF/...)
  • Absorption measurements, wavelength range UV-VIS-IR
  • Photoluminescence (PL) and micro spot Photoluminescence (µPL)
  • Laser excitation: 325 nm, 457.8nm, 488nm, 514.5nm, 1064nm, 1340nm
  • Spectrometer: 350nm-1600nm
  • Electroluminescence (EL): 350nm-1600nm
  • Photocurrent-photovoltage (UV-VIS)
  • For security/ failure analysis – laser fault injection, photoemission, other technical laser techniques are using high end otpical solution in the IR range.
  • For thickness measurement – through ellipsometer or reflectometer


In FA LAB, get higher Emission, higher Constrast

Optical quality relies on 3 factors, high NA, high transmission efficiency, low reflection.

For instance, in emission microscopy ( EMMI), lower Vdd electrical stimulation cause lower emission. As a consequence, current optical system may be hitting detection limits.

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Customizing your optical solution (probing, etc…)

optic toolThere are many other needs in lab requiring an optical solution: probing, sample preparation, optical inspections, etc…

Sector Technologies offers a wide range of optical system to help you customizing your own solution

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