Electrical Characterization

Solutions to access die electrical characterization




Different Electrical Characterizations

Electrical Characterization is the key means to characterize and validate your product quality, but from tester to nano-probing, usecases and technologies involved are different: from a simple oscilloscope/ probing through the padsdown to most advanced nano-probing solutions/ applications.


Teseda's tester

FIB - circuit edit

  • FIB enables accessing to any die location and building PAD. Hence, it is a designer troubleshooting solution, enabling creating access anywhere on the device, and still having a functional die (able to run test sequence)


timing design debug


NanoProbing in SEM

  • Nano-probing allows probing at gate/transistor level  for best in-class electrical characterization .
    • Valuable for gate analysis for the process integration engineer
    • Valuable to validate fault localization prior to physical characterization – ensuring correlation between the electrical characterizations of a potential fault with expected simulation results.



Nano-Probing - flexibilities in applications

Sector Technologies offers multiple solutions for electrical analysis & more specifically, for Nano- Probing. Application range & electrical probing quality drive the technologies needs

There are multiple applications enabled by efficient nano-probing solution for both technology development and failure analysis needs.

Nano-probing – technical requirement for advance node – down to 10nm

Electrical characterization requirements for the most advanced node can be summarized as:

  • Ensuring quality probing
    • with long enough probing time/ multiple landing
    • ensuring localization of the probing
    • without damaging signal nor device
  • Enabling applications
    • Providing flexibility in probing position
    • Providing ease of use in applications / landing


Sector Technologies offers high end solutions to fit your nano-probing requirements

  • Check how ThermoFisher NanoProbing innovative solution provides both best in class nano probing solution, proven for 10nm and a wide range of applications.

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