design debug timing analysis

Design Debug

Timing analysis and validation of your design




Design success measured on chip

Whereas your test strategy is based on simulation, your design success is based on actual chip. Design debug solutions are the required steps, to enable measurement and validation on Silicon of all your software simulation results.

Key criteria during design is the control of the timing sequences, ensuring clock to operate correctly.

Design debug solutions are the time control solution for designer, enabling (a) validating the time sequence, (b) ensuring real timing of the front of a test sequence.


Example of test sequence and corresponding timing analysis involved in Design Debug

Example of time shift, clocking front measure by design debug solution

New challenges are relative to shrinking design rules with its corresponding decrease in Vdd,  increase frequency, and timing contrainst of the design, with the requirement to measure below 10ps.

Flexibility & Highest Performance – down to 16nm and 7nm


Sector Technologies' parternship with ThermoFisher offers the design debug solution adapted to your technologies needs:

  • Providing time control solution for the more aggressive design with highest bandwidth requirement (up to 23GHz), and for  7nm design and below with low Vdd

    • Check our Meridian VII solution, understand how our unique Laser Voltage Probing ( LVP) empower you to the most advanced timing validation

  • Providing less aggressive technologies means to efficiently control your design (up to 6,7 GHz bandwidth), but still able to address most advanced design up to 7nm

  • In addition, all our Time control solution can now also be upgraded to complement the design debug solution and provide Laser Voltage Imaging ( LVI) and phase LVI capabilities

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