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Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) in semiconductor/componants industry is covering needs from Design, Validation and Characterisation to High Volume Test for Logic, SOC and Memory testing.

Sector Technologies is now serving all your needs for Testers equipments.

Usecase Check Key Values
  • Designer Focusing on your Silicon Validation

Teseda's testers and EDA tool

Levarage your DFT for your silicon debug - thanks to an affordable & ease of use architecture focus to debug
Note: To better understand value of a specific solution for silicon validation, please check this additional value description for Tester for Design Debug
  • Prod Eng Focusing on Failure Analysis support & Customer Return

Teseda's testers and EDA tool


Enabling integration into your Failure Analysis equipement thanks to a portable (& no vibration) solution
Providing adequate suite of EDA solution to support Fault Identification (Diagnostic Manager and Broken Chain Analyser)


Test Eng or Product Eng or Quality Eng

  • Focusing on Performance & MultiPurpose Tester

(for Design Debug and FA as well)

  • Enabling your Product Qualification

MuTest's ATE solution

Targeting performance without compromise and adaptable to your specific ATE needs
- For Complex SOC (micro-processors, micro-controlers, etc...)
- For Memory (Flash, SRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3)
- For Audio/ Video
- For Imagers


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