Teraview EOPTR 2000


Electro Optical Terahertz Pulsed Reflectometry


can be considered as Terahertz Time Domain Reflectometry ( TDR)


TDR with resolution for packages

The unit is used to identify and quickly isolate faults on the interconnects of advanced packages, such as Flip Chip, Package on Package (PoP) and potentially Through-silicon vias ( TSV)

Key advantages of the EOTPR 2000 system include

  • Rapid fault isolation—minutes rather than days
  • Identification of weak connections that may lead to future faults
  • Ability to isolate faults not previously seen with conventional TDR units
  • 10 micron resolution

Enabling detection of short, resistive opens, and dead opens in packages


EOTPR Specifications
Fault resolution
<10 microns
Rise time sub 6 ps
Signal to noise 94 dB
Testing range Up to 150 mm

Terahertz Reflectometry

TeraHertz Reflectometry


EOTPR 2000 is a TeraView solutionTeraview

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