The next generation in back-side laser voltage probing

Fast and clean acquisition of sub-volt waveforms is critical in the performance of a timely analysis.
The Ruby laser voltage prober is a dynamic waveform acquisition and analysis instrument which provides leading-edge analytical capability for sub-volt devices. Utilizing a focused infrared laser and solid immersion lens ( SIL).

Node Level timing waveform acquisition - 22nm design solution

The Ruby is built upon the mature , reliable EmiScope architecture and leverages a new laser voltage probing  ( LVP) acquisition scheme Polarization Difference Probing (PDP). Ruby couples ease-of-use with unprecedented low-voltage sensitivity and waveform timing accuracy.

20Gz bandwidth with 10ps resolutionlvp

Ruby incorporates a patented "Point-and-Click" Solid Immersion Lens (SIL) for superior imaging and signal quality with unmatched ease of use. The fully integrated SIL is designed for ultra-high resolution IR imaging and efficient signal acquisition, with true point-and-click usability. The 2.45NA SIL makes direct contact with the silicon substrate, maximizing the signal transmission and image clarity through the back-side silicon.

The combination of optional patented spray cooling technology with the SIL makes Ruby the best-in-class solution for precision waveform acquisition on high-power devices.

The infrared probe laser yields significant improvements over previous generations of laser voltage probers. Ruby's new high bandwidth mode-locked laser (MLL) has a large tuning range and is highly stable. The 1064 nm laser is passively mode-locked with automatic cavity length adjustment to allow for a very short, low-noise laser pulse generation of less than 10ps.

The innovative "dual-laser" noise reduction scheme employs an additional diode laser source to sample noise within the test pattern, allowing Ruby to remove low-frequency noise components and improve overall SNR.

Improved spectral matching of the lasers enables a noise floor reduction of greater than two times previous implementations, thus accelerating waveform acquisition times by a factor of four.


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