Front-side and Back-side IC Editing System with Coaxial Photon and Ion Optics

7 nm editing is the state-of-the art, and the OptiFIB Taipan focused ion-beam instrument offers a proven circuit edit solution for 10 nm and beyond.
Advanced circuit edit capability with outstanding edit throughput and unparalleled edit success rates significantly reduce time-to-market and time-to-yield for semiconductor devices. Increasing numbers of metal layers, copper metallization, smaller geometries, low-κ dielectrics, Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI), planarized passivation, and flip-chip packaging all require advanced circuit-editing capabilities.
OptiFIB accesses the lowest buried metal layers though the back-side bulk silicon, allowing direct and accurate edits to be performed at every level of the circuit. High edit success rates are critical to validate proposed first silicon design changes before driving a costly mask spin.
  • Circuit Edit
  • Backside Side
  • Copper Etching
  • High Aspect Ratio



Optifib IV is a FEI EFA group solution

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