Nano Probing

Electrical characterization

Proven for 10nm and 7nm

Solution for process characterization & failure analysis





Nano Probing

Nano Probing is a solution embedded or to be embedded into a SEM, based on state of the art nano probe, nano manipulation, motion control solution, flexible electrical characterization tool, together with other unique design/ tool to enable highest electrical probing quality (anti contamination system, etc…)

Nano Probing solution is being designed to provide the best Electrical probing quality together with an efficient solution package.

Electrical Probing quality - Stability & Repeatibility

  • Ensuring perfect probe positioning - thanks to direct SEM imaging
  • Anti - Contamination system solution
  • Under control SEM to ensure no impact for 7nm

Efficient Probing – Landing & motion capabilities

  • Landing control –  open loop piezo creep control solutions & electrical feedback
  • Point & Click navigation
  • Enabling up to contact nano probing

Flexible configuration allowing multiple application

Flexible solution

A suite of nanoprobing characterization tools for the semiconductor industry and advanced research markets, including 8 probe systems

nprober dprober



SEM nanoProbing enable multiple range of applications

dc-characterization cv characterization AC-characterization EBIC
temperature EBAC bitcell other-applications


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