Meridian IV/V/7/M

EFA MultiSolutions with the highest sensitivity & resolution


The Meridian Family is a fully integrated, performance-driven electrical failure analysis platform providing industry-leading sensitivity for fault and defect localization. Meridian is the preferred choice for developers of advanced, low-voltage, high-density semiconductor devices requiring best-in-class performance and the ability to diagnose wide ranging failure modes, including parametric failures and those resulting from design-process marginalities

Meridian V/7 are optimized dynamic LSM only platform.


The electrical failure analysis solution


Photon Emission Microscopy ( PEM) on the Meridian platform is based on an optimized combination of a high sensitivity short-wave infrared (SWIR) InGaAs and DBX camera and high numerical aperture (NA) aberration corrected optics. This combination provides high resolution through-silicon imaging and low-signal photon detection over the 0.9 to 1.6um ( 2µm for DBX) spectral range, a capability particularly useful for backside device analysis. This optimized low-noise, high-sensitivity configuration enables emission acquisitions with unmatched signal-to-noise ratios resulting in rapid, transistor-level fault detection, even on sub-1 volt devices.


The Laser Scanning Microscope (LSM) option transforms the Meridian into a high-resolution, high-contrast confocal laser scanning system optimized for both static and dynamic failure analysis. Static Laser Stimulation ( SLS) applications such as OBIRCH, OBIC, and Seebeck Effect Imaging ( SEI) identify the sources of shorts and resistive defects, providing the perfect complement to emission-based techniques.

laserParametric defects are uncovered only when the failing device is operated under a specific set of operations parameters - typically a combination of voltage, clock speed, and temperature. Implementing strong detection technology coupled with a set of advanced analytical methodologies allows for the introduction of new, dynamic applications such as Logic State Mapping (LoSM) and Dynamic Laser Stimulation ( DLS). Meridian facilitates the development of the most advanced dynamic applications and techniques while maintaining the capability to isolate static faults.



Modulation Mapping corresponds to the ability to achieve Laser Voltage Imaging ( LVI) or Continuous Wave Laser Voltage Probing (CW-CLP). The LVx option is available on  the Meridian platform  (avec well as the Emiscope and Ruby platform). This modulation mapping aims to visualize all functional areas at a given frequency (modulation). Such imaging technique has proven to be a unique solution for broken scan chain debug.



Best in class sensitivity & resolution – for 16nm and beyond

Meridian IV integrates a broad range of solutions for EFA -  providing best in class techniques for each of them, enable 45nm and beyond analysis.

Patented, industry-proven "Point & Click" Solid Immersion Lens ( SIL)

Solid Immersion Lens enables highest optical resolution (up to 250nm) & sensitivity – thanks to highest NA. Resolution is required to differentiate sub-100nm modules. Meridian IV “Point & Click” is an unique solution allowing practical navigation with the SIL.

Best-in-class InGaAs-based emission detection

Optional High performance L1K InGaAs camera  available on Meridian IV, very low noise, with direct optic path enable to maximize sensitivity for the Photo Emission Microscopy

High sensitive LSM solution with Lock-in

Allowing very high sensitivity on all statics laser based techniques

LVI and CW- LVP enable to extend EFA usecase toward design debug / time analysis

Productivity Solution

Inverted platform for easy ATE direct docking

Stable and  efficient backside Analysis – Ease of Probing

NEXS software integration for emission site analysis & result interpretation                                                     

Enabling efficient root cause identification – CAD analysis

Proven Architecture

Productivity thanks to Meridian IV's InGaAs cooling solution



Meridian Family is a FEI EFA group solution


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Enabling efficient root cause identification – CAD analysis

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