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Scanning Acoustic Microscopy

The IS-202 combines highest resolution with a very compact mechanical set-up. It is ideally suited for mid-volume lab applications where high resolution and data acquisition flexibility are crucial to obtain high quality scanning results. Due to its small dimensions this desktop scanner easily fits in every laboratory environment.



Why Scanning Acoustic Microscopy?

Defective or underperforming semiconductor devices often show severe package assembly issues like delamination, at various interfaces: : resine/die, resine/paddle and resine/frame, and also the embedded particules  into the resine.

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy an easy way of inspection of such defects.


Scanning Acoustic Microscopy image








  • High precision scanning by use of extremely low noise linear servo motor on the scan axis
  • High-speed scanning at up to 500 mm/sec
  • Specific low-vibration data acquisition mode integrated
  • High scan resolution of down to 0.1 µm on all three x-, y-, and z-axis
  • Simultaneous pulse-echo and through transmission acquisition supported
  • Removable water tank for easy cleaning
  • Scan mechanics can be used for other than water immersion techniques
Main Specifications
  • Active Scan Area : 200mm x 150mm / Encoder resolution 0.1µm
  • Focus (Z) Axis stroke : 50mm / 0.1µm resolution
  • Axes details :
    • X linear servo motor
    • Y stepper motor
    • Z stepper motor
  • Dimensions : 495(W) x 390 (d) x 450 (h) mm
  • Scanner weight : 34kg

New mini volume Scan

Full Ultrasonic Digital Inspection Systems Insight-202

  • New low noise linear servo motor conception
  • 50mm/sec maximum motor speed
  • 0.1µm scan axis resolution
  • Removal transducer fixation - Pulse echo (PE) or Through Transmission(TT) separated
  • IS-202 has a tray-inspection composed with multiple scanning. It can be used as Scanning Acoustic Microscope or Ultrasonic Laser Detection System.


IS-202 is a Insight KK solution


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Enhanced Lock-in Thermal Emission

From Package

to Silicon

From Package fault isolation to complementary solution to Laser technique/ Obirch

Why lock-in Thermography?

Defective or underperforming semiconductor devices often show an anomalous distribution of the local power dissipation, leading to local temperature increases. The ELITE utilizes Lock-in IR Thermography (LIT) to accurately and efficiently locate these areas of interest.

Lock-in Thermography (LIT) is a form of dynamic IR thermography which provides a much better signal-to-noise ratio, increased sensitivity and higher feature resolution than steady-state thermography. LIT can be used in IC analysis to locate line shorts, ESD defects, oxide damage, defective transistors and diodes, and device latch-ups. LIT is performed in a natural ambient environment without requiring light-shielding boxes.

Package Analysis requirements – the Electrical fault isolation solution

Current package analysis is reaching limits in term of sensitivity. Whereas Xray only provide visualization solution, SAM (Scanning Accoustic Microscope) being limited to dislocation, only liquid crystal aimed to do some electrical EFA; being 1000x less sensitive than Thermal lock-in.

ELITE is the most sensitive solution for electrical fault isolation on package.

In the case of 3D package, ELITE is also required to identify die localization, especially if boundary scan is broken

10mW equivalent sensitivity No detectability for package

10µW ELITE’s sensitivity (or better)– Fault detection solution for package

Silicon Analysis value

ELITE’s high sensitivity to low resistive defect enable to allow Electrical Fault Analysis (EFA) to be complemented with an easier, direct access solution to your shorts.

ELITE is enabling complement solution for standard EFA solution, extending detection potential, enabling ease of use detection – thanks to direct access to defect.

Thermal Mapping Value

ELITE is also providing contact less absolute temperature mapping. ELITE is able to achieve highest sensitivity and reliability thermal mapping characterization.

Value is to access real time visualization of your electrical component heating – localize dissipation, helping calibrating the temperature control of your device, support design improvement for enhanced reliability, etc…

ELITE’s Flexible configuration

The ELITE is completely configurable to meet our customers’ needs.  It is available as a portable standalone configuration or as an add-on to an existing probe station.

ELITE is available with either a single lens and camera configuration or with the flexibility of a 4-position turret.  A variety of custom, high-quality, MWIR microscope objectives are available including: 28mm wide angle, 1x, 2.5x, 5x, and 10x yield an effective magnification of 20x, coupled with the 15um pixel pitch of the 640 InSb camera…

Best sensitivity & resolution solution

Beside the exelence of its optical solution, thanks to its lens & low noise camera, ELITE’s is using most advanced lock-in application.

The higher the lock-in frequency, the higher the resulting spatial resolution. However, the higher frequency tends to reduce significantly the thermal emission to be detected. This is a limitation for many LIT systems. ELITE overcomes this limitation by offering a unique system architecture in which higher frequency LIT data can be accumulated for an "unlimited" amount of time. Data resolution improves the longer data acquisition continues.

The longer the system acquires data, the better the sensitivity. This is particularly valuable when attempting to acquire data at very low power levels or when one must acquire data from a weak failure mode.


ü Highest sensitivity & Resolution

Best lock-in solution to enhance sensitivity - High mag best in class sensitivity

Low mag best in class optic – best time to results

Demonstrated less than 10µW detection

ü Flexible solution – electrical fault isolation from package, PCB to silicon

Wide angle lens enabling flexible working distance

Multiple configuration solution

Large range of electrical configuration

ü Contactless Thermal mapping solution


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