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Term Definition

Automatic Test Equipment Any machine which performs tests automatically.


ATPG (acronym for both Automatic Test Pattern Generation and Automatic Test Pattern Generator) is an electronic design automation method/technology used to find an input (or test) sequence that, when applied to a digital circuit, enables testers to distinguish between the correct circuit behavior and the faulty circuit behavior caused by defects.

Back-End (BE)

In the semiconductor industry, Back End corresponds to the second phase of manufacturing during which the silicon chip is mounted in a package designed (assembly) not only to protect it, but also to provide external connections via a series of very fine wires, followed by testing, assembling, finishing and packing. Note: this is different from BEOL expression


Back-End Of Line - group of all steps in the semiconductor fab after contact, including all metal layer, up to the PADS creation. Note: not to confused with the general term "Back-End (BE)" referencing to the packaging, BEOL is actually part of the "Front-End (FE)" phase of semiconductor manufacturing


Computer Aided Design Software and hardware tools that allow graphic design. It assists in the design of a product and in the verification of its performance by simulation.


Continuous Wave Laser Voltage Probing - is a specific LVP solution


Design for Test (aka "Design for Testability" or "DFT") is a name for design techniques that add certain testability features to a microelectronic hardware product design. It is used both for production validation as for design debug. It is translating in practice in introducing "scan chain"


Dynamic Laser Stimulation- Group of techniques using LSM technology, based on Dynamic stimulation of the device, i.e. running test sequence.


Device Under Test - name used for device being characterized in Electrical Failure Analysis


Electron Beam Absorbed Current


Electron Beam Induced Current (EBIC) is a semiconductor analysis technique performed in a scanning electron microscope (SEM).EBIC is performed by measuring the induced current from e-Beam stimulation. NanoProbing solution in SEM enable such solution


Electrical Failure Analysis - part of the Global Fault Isolation - aiming to identify fault localization on chip from electrical simulation of the device


Emission Microscopy - Technique used in Electrical Failure Analysis - Other name can be seen: PEM, Photo Emission Microscopy


ElectroStatic Discharge


Front-End Of Line - group of all steps in the semiconductor fab from bare silicon till completion of the gates - prior to all metal line (being BEOL steps).

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