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Sector Technologies is iso9001:2008 certified accross all its activities - sales, distribution, installation, maintenance & training.iso9001

Service Support

Our service engineer team has several core competencies. We constantly trained our people on required new technics to increase their efficiency

We are supporting customer throughout Europe. We care about providing you the highest quality of maintenance and service. We have multiple stock locations close to our customers.

Application support

Being part of our marketing team, our applications team is working with customer to ensure best implementation of their system, providing quality training and developing new solutions.

Sector Technologies can support you in optimizing your solution, updating your skills

Beyond specific tool skills, our application team is able to assist customer in their problem solving, participating in optimizing solution. We are participating to multiple publications regarding such new developments, innovative ways to use our technology. We can advice you on the different areas

  • Understanding full FA flow: Sample preparation, CAD data preparation, Test & Probe, Fault localization, Electrical Characterization, Results interpretation

  • Understanding counterfeit detection best know method

Please don’t hesistate contacting us for Application training or support developing your applications


Service Lab contacts

Our solutions are available in multiple service lab across Europe. Please find equipment available in Service Lab.


SERVICE LABORATORIES Location Service provided Equipements
ALTER Technology (TUV group) Sevilla, Spain Sample Preparation JetEtch Pro Copper Protect
LFoundry Rousset, France Design Debug Emiscope ( TRE , SIL), Meridian ( DLS, LVI, CW- LVP)
Circuit Modification OptiFIB 300mm
Electrical Failure Analysis

Meridian Waferscan (Wafer, LSM, InGaAs, LVI),

ELITE (including SIL and thermal analysis)

Note: check publications on available solutions

Sample Preparation Nisene Dcap
CIM PACA Micro-Packs Gardanne, France Sample Preparation
JetEtch II
DSTL UK Circuit Modification P3Xa
Design Debug IDS 5000HX E-Beam prober
Fraunhofer Institut Germany Electrical Failure Analysis ELITE
MASER Engineering Netherlands Circuit Modification


Note: Article mentioning MASER's use of the Optifib-IV: "Failure analysis services" EuroAsia Semiconductor, vol. 30, no. 7, August 2008

Electrical Failure Analysis ELITE
Sample Preparation JetEtch
Serma Technologies Bordeaux, France Sample Preparation JetEtch
Palaiseau, France Test ( ATE) MuTest (capable of DDR2 testing)
SiVenture Maidenhead, UK Circuit Modification P3X
Technical University, Berlin Berlin, Germany Circuit Modification OptiFIB
TRAD Toulouse, France Sample Preparation JetEtch Pro Copper Protect
Thales Solution Services Toulouse, France Test (ATE) MuTest (capable of DDR2 testing)
Electrical Failure Analysis Meridian (LSM)
Circuit Modification OptiFIB and P2X

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